Saturday, 27 September 2014

Charlie is 8 today!!

Aww my last baby in the nest is 8 today!

Well i say baby but he isn't so little anymore....and well as will all of us mums they will always be our babies no matter what age they are...

Being a complete Ben 10 addict i thought i would have trouble finding an image but i managed to find one and her it is......don't worry this was for personal use only for my sone and will not be used in any way,shape or form again.

So here is the birthday boy camping this year...

Yes! in the paddling pool and as with most boys posing and messing around lol..mind you it was one of the hottest summers since i was pregnant with him and he spent a LOT of time in water during this summer.

And here is his birthday card...although i had trouble with his hair as i had to try and make it like THE REAL BEN 10 i didn't do too bad a job of it...well i don't think so any way..

I used some perfect pearls and cosmic shimmer on the bubbles.....and i think he will love it although for some reason i am rather nervous?

So to my little miracle ( and yes he was a miracle as i supposedly couldn't have any more children due to previous complications) Happy happy birthday you loads...

How much? the moon and back


Have a wonderful birthday Charlie!

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