Sunday, 24 March 2013

Walking stick with style....

Hi there everyone i would like to say what a gorgeous sunny morning it is but i would be telling a darn great big is puring with rainn. YET AGAIN!

I have a very good friend who at the age of 46 found the necessity of having to use a walking stick!  I guess you can imagine what she had to say about that? Now way,no

Any way i made her a SPECIAL stick where i used three pages of paper in her favorite colours by My Minds Eye Lost and Found 2, ripped them to bits and then mod podged with three coats to make it really hard wearing.

In all truth and honesty i didn't think she would go for it, as she is a very independent person so i was pleasantly surprised to see her using it around town a week later!  I now have to do another three in brown, blue and green to match with different types of her clothing so i did get it right!

Now i just have to find another three sticks in the same design that wont cost the earth :-)

Thanks for joining me and i hope you enjoy your wet soggy Sunday afternoon.

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