Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Two Hearts

Hi there i hope you are having a great day! i know i am or rather will be!

Have you ever started a project with a picture in your head of the finished project just so? well that how it started for me until i was hijacked!

The two hearts started off as two wooden hearts and i gave them two coats of coarse modelling paste, a spritz of cosmic shimmer in Pearl Mist, that gave them a lovely gentle sheen and then gently distressed them with gold versa mark ink.

I then used a couple of flower dies to make up paper flowers with a pearl center on both of them and added a ribbon rose at the bottom of each this is where i was hijacked by a young person whom i wont mention (bless him) who decided that rather than put Tilda on one heart and Edwin on the other he thought it would be much better with butterflies!  Yes you got it, butterflies!!

So there we go i have my creations but now as i thought they were likely to turn out......but i have to admit they do look kinda cute and now have pride of place on my bedroom wall.....after all who can resist a 6 year old who wanted to help his mum?

Hope you have a lovely day and dont forget to let your kids help you create too!


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