Saturday, 9 February 2013

Magnolia candles

Magnolia Candles

I had great fun making these but alas i have lost the colour combinations used.

Word of advice?  Colours come out a lot lighter when using tissue paper and always colour in with a sheet of white behind the image paper.

Always use greaseproof paper to wrap and hold the tissue paper image against the candle and partially to protect your hands.

You will know when the image is ready as the candle wax swallows the image so be careful it happenns really quickly.

Let it dry

and then embellish!

I have use ribbon on the base of both of these candle and then embellished accordingly...
the flamenco dancer a added a fan to and blowing wishes i used star rhinestones.

Hope you like these are really easy to do once you know how...

Bye for now 

Anita x

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